Participant FAQ

If you plan to participate in RoboCup 2024, we already answer some questions you might have. If your question is not here, please don't hesitate to send us an email at 2024 at

Major Leagues

First, you need to qualify to participate in your league. Check the league website, or contact the league’s Organisation Committee for details on this process.
When you have qualified, you will receive a code to register your team. Then, you can register through this link Finally, you need to arrange your travel and stay in Eindhoven.

Each league manages of their own rules. Check out your league’s web page for the rulebook. Note that leagues have different deadlines for when the rules are updated for RoboCup 2024.

The registration fee is determined by the RoboCup federation, the registration fee is depending on the moment you register. You can find the registration fees at

The registration is open! For registration and more information, check
Please register as soon as possible. 

New teams are encouraged to reach out to their league's Technical and Organising Committees to obtain league-specific information and introduce themselves.

In general, new teams need to qualify within their league. After they are qualified, they can register through this website. New teams (teams in which every team member has never attended RoboCup before), are eligible for a team fee waiver. Registration cost of (additional) team members is not waived.

The opening hours of the venue for participants will be from 8 am to 10 pm. Monday July 15th is an optional setup day. We will welcome the teams, but no official activities will be organized by the leagues.

Junior Leagues

Each of the three Junior Leagues has their own rules. Check the website for the details: If you have questions about the rules, contact the Technical Committee.
Note that rules may be different at local/qualification competitions.

In order to participate in RoboCup 2024, you need to first qualify in a local competition. You can find a list of contact persons/website per region on the community website of RoboCupJunior.
When you have qualified, you will be able to register on this website for RoboCup 2024.

The registration fee is determined by the RoboCup federation, and depending on the moment you register. You can find the registration fees at

The exact registration dates are not yet known.
Registration generally opens end of March or beginning of April. We encourage you register as soon as possible, after qualification.

For Soccer: 2-4 team members
For Rescue: 2-4 team members
For OnStage: 2-5 team members

Also see the RoboCupJunior General Rules.

The minimum age is 14, the maximum age is 19. This is counted on July 1st, 2024.

Of course, mentors and parents may be older.

Travel & Stay

The venue is south of the city centre of Eindhoven. The address is Theo Koomenlaan 1, 5644 HZ Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Hotels Eindhoven recommendations

  1. Pullman Eindhoven
  1. Westcord
    • General info:
      • WestCord Hotel Eindhoven is centrally located in Eindhoven with excellent accessibility by public transport or by car. The hotel is located on Mathildelaan, which connects the central station and PSV Stadium. The building is a real eye-catcher with a special history. Are you looking for an ideal base for a city trip to Eindhoven? Or would you like to stay in a central location for business appointments? Then you have come to the right place!
    • Rooms:
      • Superior
      • Loft superior
      • Spa superior

                           Lichttoren 22
                           5611BJ Eindhoven

  1. Hotel La Reine
    • General info:
      • City Hotel La Reine is a charming hotel in de city centre and is centrally located on the attractive Wilhelmina Square with the Philips Stadium just arround the corner. In the direct vicinity is the lively city centre and the Train Station is no more than a 10 minutes stroll away. This unique location offers tranquillity and comfort in the nearby rush and bustle of city life.
    • Rooms:
      • City room; 2 people
      • City room extra: 2 people
      • Superior Room: 2 people
      • Family room: 4 people

                          Wilhelminaplein 3
                          5611 HE Eindhoven
                          Tel: 0031 (40) 8200311
                          Fax: 0031 (40) 8200313

  1. Backpackers Bed & Breakfast Eindhoven
    • General Info:
      • Sleep for €35 in the centre of Eindhoven. You can in our cosy hostel with its friendly atmosphere. 3BE is located in the middle of Eindhoven's bustling city centre within walking distance of cafés, restaurants, parks and museums. There is something for everyone here.
      • Our Hostel has everything you need. Indeed, with our years of experience as backpackers at home and abroad, we know what to look out for when it comes to comfort and service. This is expressed in various practical services such as the possibility of washing your clothes. But also that extra socket in the washroom so our guests can shave. Our living room with games, pool table, recliners, and reading tables is a cosy place to linger after a day of walking through the city, or a hard journey.
      •   We welcome individual guests, and groups. You sleep on bunk beds in multi-person room


  • Eindhoven Airport is the nearest airport with flights to and from many destinations in Europe. We recommend the bus to travel from Eindhoven Airport to anywhere else in Eindhoven. You can reach the city centre in about half an hour.
  • Intercontinental flights are more likely to arrive at Schiphol Airport. The best way to travel from Schiphol to Eindhoven is the train. This takes about 1.5 hours.
  • Düsseldorf and Brussels airports are about as far away as Schiphol in distance, but are less convenient to travel to Eindhoven using public transport.
  • If you arrive by car, Eindhoven is at the cross of roads A2 and A67.

For travel within Eindhoven, there is a bus stop ("Fontys Theo Koomenlaan") right across from the venue with regular service from multiple lines. Of course you can also consider to travel by bicycle like a real Dutchman, from the city centre it takes about 20 minutes to get to the venue.

We recommend contacting MOL logistics

MOL Logistics (Netherlands) BV is IATA-air freight agent since 1946 and continuously gained experience in all aspects of air freight. Regardless the size of the consignment, our  expertise meets always meet your requirements.

We have entrusted MOL Logistics with the responsibility of handling overseas airfreight shipments for the RoboCup 2024 Eindhoven event, a testament to their commitment to excellence and reliability.

Important shipment requirements

If you are preparing for the annual RoboCup competition, MOL Logistics is ready to assist you. To be able to process your quotation requests, please ensure that your shipment meets the following requirements.

  • ATA Carnet for Non-EU Countries: For shipments destined from non-EU countries, an ATA Carnet is mandatory to facilitate customs clearance.
  • Arrival Deadline: Your goods must arrive at Amsterdam Airport no later than July 8, 2024, to ensure timely delivery for the tournament.
  • Direct airwaybill: Direct airwaybill is required, House air waybill is strictly forbidden.
  • Advance Payment: Please note that advance payment is required to initiate the transportation process.
  • Transport Insurance: You will need to arrange transport insurance on your behalf to safeguard your goods throughout the journey.
  • Delivery to Tournament Logistic Center: MOL Logistics will deliver the goods to the designated logistic center of the tournament address: Theo Koomenlaan 1, 5644 HZ Eindhoven.
  • Onward Transport Responsibility: It is your responsibility to transport the goods from the logistic center at the tournament, to your assigned area.

Process and Return Shipments:

As soon as your shipment meets the stated requirements, MOL logistics will make further arrangements. They can also make a quotation in advance for your return shipment to your country.

For any additional information or to submit your fully detailed inquiry, please contact MOL logistics: .

On the website of Netherlands Worldwide you can check if you need a visa to enter The Netherlands.

The RoboCup 2024 federation can provide invitation letters after registration. During registration you can indicate if you need such a letter.

If you're allowed to stay on the conditions of your visa, absolutely!

There is a lot to do and see in Eindhoven, the home of Philips. Because The Netherlands is such a small country, you can also very easily visit most other places using public transport. There is a lot to see!

Of course, you can also visit any other Schengen country during your stay.

The currency in The Netherlands is the euro (€), which is subdivided into 100 cents. Common bills are €50, €20, €10, €5 and common coins are €2, €1, €0.50, €0.20, €0.10 and €0.05.

Most payments in The Netherlands are done by debit card (Maestro or V Pay). Both using the chip and contactless (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) is generally available for debit cards. Support for credit cards is varying, and should not solely be relied upon.
Most shops accept cash, although there are some that no longer do so (e.g., bus drivers). ATMs managed by the collaboration of Dutch banks are called Geldmaat, these accept both (some) credit and debit cards. Please note that a withdrawal with a card from outside the EEA costs €4.00.

At our event you can pay by card. 

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