About RoboCup

RoboCup is the premier championship for robotics, founded with the aim of sharing knowledge and accelerating developments in robotics. This World Cup is being organised for the 27th time and we are therefore
halfway to RoboCup’s ultimate goal of winning against the human world champion football with robots in 2050!  The event features 17 competitions across 5 categories.

The categories include autonomous soccer robots competing against each other, care robots assisting with daily tasks, rescue robots detecting victims in disaster situations, logistics robots collaborating with humans in business environments, and junior competitions where approximately 1000 young participants compete with their self-built and programmed robots.

Eindhoven is home to 5 RoboCup teams: the multiple-time world champion Tech United (TU/e), Robot Sports (VDL), Falcons (ASML), RIF (Fontys) and RoboHub (Fontys). Teams from various Dutch universities will compete in different competitions, showcasing that the Netherlands is at the forefront of robotics and AI. They demonstrate the strong position of Dutch universities and companies in the development of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Discover, meet and position

The combination of fascinating robotics and AI, immersive competitions, and presentations from innovative organizations aiming to contribute to high-tech solutions for a better society, make RoboCup 2024 an ideal meeting place for:

  • Hundreds of decision-makers and influencers who seek to accelerate necessary innovation in AI and robotics across domains such as healthcare, agriculture, energy, and transportation. This includes developers, producers, users, advisors, financiers, insurers, labor market intermediaries, educators, and government officials.

  • More than 3000 technical students from 45 countries who actively participate in the event. It provides them a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and learn from international peers.

  • Journalists from national and international media outlets, including TV, radio, web, social media, trade magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Previous editions have reached millions of people worldwide, highlighting the broad interest in RoboCup.

  • Tens of thousands of spectators, including many young people and families, who attend the event. This creates a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere and allows the general public to explore the world of robotics and AI.


Exciting, educational and inspiring

RoboCup 2024 has great appeal due to:

  • 15 Exciting robot competitions, technological highlights and activities for young and old alike, including: robot football, care robots, rescue robots, humanoid robots, junior competitions, play and cuddle robots, industrial robots and much more.

  • Demonstrations of state-of-the-art robot technology that can be applied to serve humans and society

  • Presentations by institutions and companies from various sectors that see robot technology as an important solution to social problems in areas such as healthcare provision, food supply, energy supply and transport.



RoboCup 2024 is organized by the Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with the non-profit foundation Promotech2050, representing the Eindhoven RoboCup teams. The foundation aims to promote robotics to a wide audience. The members of the foundation previously organized the successful RoboCup 2013.


Curious? Come visit RoboCup from July 17th to 21st, 2024 in Eindhoven!