RoboCup @Home

In many science fiction stories robots take the role of household assistants. Who wouldn’t want their very own robot butler? While the robots of today might not be advanced enough to provide value to most households, there are opportunities in healthcare for these robots to perform tasks for people who have mobility issues. 

In the RoboCup @Home league we work towards robots capable of assisting people in their household. We engineer the serving of breakfast in the morning, the storing of groceries in the afternoon and the welcoming of guests in the evening.  

The robots in our league must be able to do their tasks in an active household which can become quite messy. Furniture and objects are moved regularly and the robot must carefully watch where it goes.

The @Home league consists of three divisions: The Open Platform League (OPL) where teams can build their own robots, the Domestic Standard Platform League (DSPL) where teams use the Toyota HSR, and the Social Standard Platform League (SSPL) where teams use Softbank's Pepper robot.

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