Rescue Robot League

The RoboCupRescue Robot League gathers teams of researchers capable of developing robotic systems that enable emergency responders to perform extremely hazardous tasks from safer stand-off distances. These mobile robots need to demonstrate assistive and autonomous behaviors that can increase their reliability when operating remotely within complex environments, including even partially collapsed structures when necessary. 

Established just prior to the World Trade Center collapse in New York City more than twenty years ago, the RoboCupRescue Robot League has hosted robot evaluations annually all over the world. In addition to demonstrating the state-of-the-science in robotics for unstructured environments, we help develop the standard test methods emergency responders use to objectively evaluate commercial robots, train with measures of remote operator proficiency, and compare results no matter where or when the evaluations happen. 

This is just the first step out of the laboratory for many of these robots and researchers. It is a long process to harden and commercialize robots for deployment into such difficult environments. But these League participants are determined to use their skills and energy to help emergency responders stay safe as they save lives.

More information:
Robot Rescue site
LOC: Danny Hameeteman

Rescue Simulation League

Robocup Rescue Simulation is an education and research project. The mission of the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League is to promote research and development in the socially significant domain of natural disaster. 

This competition involves primarily evaluating the performance of agent teams on different maps of the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation (RCRS) platform, a comprehensive simulation environment for research in disaster response management. Specifically, this competition involves evaluating the effectiveness of Ambulances, Police Forces, and Fire Brigades agents on rescuing civilians and where an earthquake has just happened.

More information:
Rescue Simulation site
LOC: Koen de Koning ✉

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