Welcome to RoboCup 2024: A New Era of Autonomous Innovation!

15-17 July 2024: Set-up days
18-21 July 2024: Competitions
22 July 2024: Symposium









We are thrilled to announce that Eindhoven University of Technology will once again host the most exhilarating event in the world of autonomous robots - RoboCup 2024! Building upon the unprecedented success of previous editions, we are committed to delivering an even more spectacular and inspiring event. Witness how robots are transforming our world and shaping the future during this thrilling week from July 17 to 21. 

Explore the World of Autonomous Innovation

Step into the captivating world of autonomous innovation, where robots are no longer a futuristic fantasy but a living reality. RoboCup's aim is to accelerate the development of affordable and reliable robot technology for the betterment of our aging society. After legendary editions in Nagoya, Sydney, and Bangkok, it's now Eindhoven's turn to shine the spotlight on the latest developments in robotics. We anticipate welcoming approximately 3,000 participants from around 45 countries who will compete in four exciting leagues: RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue, RoboCup@Home, RoboCupJunior and RoboCupIndustrial.

Experience the Thrill of Autonomous Competitions

RoboCupSoccer: An Abundance of Robot Soccer Sensations. Imagine 'humanoids', walking robots with arms and legs, stepping onto the field in three thrilling competitions. And that's not all – the Middle Size League presents an unparalleled spectacle. This league showcases the most spectacular soccer, featuring teams of table-high soccer robots engaged in a five-on-five game, autonomously controlling the field without any human input. The speed, tactics, and excitement of this game are breathtaking. But there's more to explore – brace yourself for the 'Simulation Leagues', where computers challenge each other in a virtual world of soccer action. And then there's the Standard Platform League, where every participant employs the same robots. The spotlight is on robot programming, where the difference between victory and defeat lies. Football has never been this advanced and thrilling.

RoboCupRescue: Rescue robots are challenged to locate victims in simulated disaster scenarios, mapping the environment and buildings while providing crucial reports. This technology could be invaluable in emergencies such as natural disasters.

RoboCup@Home: Caregiving robots compete in everyday household challenges, from taking verbal drink orders to delivering them to the right location. These robots must understand, recognize, and follow humans while navigating an array of objects.

RoboCupJunior: More than 1000 high school students from various countries showcase their robots in football, rescue, and dance competitions, igniting young minds with the world of robotics.

The Future

RoboCup's mission is to accelerate the development of affordable and reliable robot technology for the betterment of our aging society. RoboCup holds an ambitious vision - by 2050, our soccer robots should be able to defeat human world champions. These efforts are made possible through the shared knowledge and collaboration among participating researchers, who accelerate the progress of robot technology.

An Experience for Everyone

Beyond the intense competitions, RoboCup offers captivating robot workshops and demonstrations. Encounter cuddly robots for the little ones, revel in musical and research robots, and discover the cutting-edge developments in robotics that the Netherlands has to offer.

Your Invitation to an Adventurous Journey

Step into the unique world of RoboCup 2024 and uncover the boundless possibilities of autonomous technology. From July 17 to 21, 2024, Eindhoven will be the destination where innovation, creativity, and intriguing robots converge.

Prepare to be astonished by the immense power of autonomous robots as teams from across the globe display their skills and dedication in exhilarating competitions. From soccer spectacles to rescue missions and household challenges – this is where the secrets of autonomous technology unfold. Embrace the future sculpted by these robots and explore their true potential.

Seize the opportunity to become part of this emerging revolution! Experience an unforgettable event brimming with innovation, excitement, and exploration. Don't miss RoboCup 2024 and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of technology!