House rules RoboCup 2024

Dear participants and visitors,

Welcome to RoboCup 2024, the world championship for robotics where robots and innovation come together! To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience, a number of house rules have been established. These rules are designed to create a respectful and welcoming environment and ensure the safety of all participants and visitors.

We ask all participants and visitors to read, respect, and follow the house rules. By entering the RoboCup 2024 venue, you agree to the house rules.

In case of violation of the house rules, the organisation is authorised to remove participants/visitors from the grounds and/or deny them access. In all other occurring situations, the organisation is authorised to take the measures deemed necessary at that time.

Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to experiencing an unforgettable event together with you!

  1. Always follow instructions from the organisation and authorised persons.
  2. Treat each other with respect regardless of background, gender, age, or nationality.
  3. Keep the site clean; use the garbage bins.
  4. Park cars and bikes in designated areas
  5. Obnoxious or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  6. Treat the venue and equipment with care; damage may result in liability and fines.
  7. Participant areas are not accessible to visitors.
  8. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children; children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Pets are not allowed, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  10. Drugs are prohibited.
  11. Alcohol under the age of 18 is prohibited.
  12. Smoking inside the buildings is prohibited.
  13. Dangerous objects are prohibited; the organisation may confiscate them.
  14. Security may search upon request; identification may be requested.
  15. The organisation is not liable for theft, injury, or damage.
  16. By entering the venue, you agree that photographs and video footage may be taken of you by the organization and authorized persons. You must visibly wear a red round sticker if you do not agree.
  17. In addition to these house rules, the general terms and conditions apply, which can be found at

For questions regarding the house rules, please contact .

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